We realize that every church has its own DNA.  Though most churches teach from the same Bible and share a lot of the same beliefs, they have different priorities and ideals.  We try to be about four basic things.  We call these our Focus Points:

"Becoming...fully committed followers of Jesus Christ."

One goal we have to help each person fully become that man or woman of God they were created to be. We want to help each one find their gifts, develop their character and overcome their obstacles to fully experience the fullness of life God has intended.

"Serving...our community at their point of need."

We believe we are "blessed to be a blessing". That means we go out of our way to engage our community and find ways we can serve and share. We have incredible partnerships with our closest schools and community services organizations like the Earlywine Park YMCA. We LOVE our community and feel privileged that we get the opportunity to make our part of Oklahoma City a GREAT place to live!

"Sharing...our faith through investing and inviting."

We believe that God desires to show who He is through US! As people who have experienced God's great grace ourselves, we seek to share that through our personal relationships with others. We believe it is being FRIENDS with others first that we earn the right to share what God has done for us.

"Preparing...the next generation for faith and leadership."

We believe the next generation is our most valuable asset. Therefore we make an all out commitment to EXCELLENCE in our Children and Youth ministries. We give these ministries priority and make no apologies more investment in them. We also have a strategic partnership with Mid-America Christian University and work hard to make this a place of preparation and development for the leaders that God is raising up.


Get Involved

God calls us to serve. We have several ministries that you can choose to serve in. Take some time to read about our ministries. If you’re interested in getting involved, let us know!


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