Church of God, Anderson

We are in the reclamation business—expanding the Kingdom of God by taking back what Hell has stolen. Whenever a soul is redeemed, the Kingdom expands. Whenever light penetrates the darkness, whenever justice prevails over injustice, whenever knowledge replaces ignorance, whenever healing mends what is broken, whenever freedom in Christ overcomes the bondage of this world, the Kingdom expands. Hell has stolen much; Heaven’s design is to take it back. Jesus is the Way.

Oklahoma Assembly of the Church of God

OKCHOG is a partnership between over 42 churches and 166 ministers spread across the beautiful state of Oklahoma.
The heartbeat of OKCHOG ministries is to come alongside of Pastors and Churches to help them fill their communities with the love of Jesus.
Invest in Pastors and Churches, Connect them with God and each other, Encourage them to reach the World for Jesus.

Mid-America Christian University

MACU is a private, Christian liberal arts college that's experiencing unprecedented growth in the past decade. The reason for this rapid growth is simple: MACU offers life-transforming associates, bachelor's and master's programs that will expand your employment and ministry opportunities.
Whether you're a recent high school graduate looking for a traditional campus experience or a motivated working adult who needs affordable, accessible education, you belong here! We offer a range of programs, including Behavioral Science, Counseling, Business Administration, Bible and Theology, Teacher Education, Leadership and Criminal Justice — all taught from a worldview that promotes Judeo-Christian values and ethics.